Instagram Handle: @kashafierceeee

Do you have a product or company you own that you would like us to promote? If so, give us all the deets!
I’m currently beginning two brands! My overall brand name is “The Fierce Lane” IG: @thefiercelane - this is a recycled thrift clothing brand, as well as brand merch and reconstructed vintage clothing! Within that brand I have a shoe design called Strip Slides - IG: @stripslides :) I’ve been working on my shoe design for almost 3 years now!

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I am a stay at home mom of 3 little girls! I have a huge creative passion for fashion, family, food, and fitness! I’m building 2 brands at home while raising my girls and running my blog - we also have a family channel on YouTube called : Life in the Fierce Lane :)

What are the other titles you give yourself besides mom?
Wife, Brand Owner, Feminist, Boss ;)

How many children do you have? Tell us a little bit about them.
3 baby girls! They’re all about 3 years apart! My Avynn Jade is 7, she loves to dance! Ivory Elle will be 4 at the end of August- she’s my adventurous nature babe with loads of energy! Then there’s Oaklynn Zen she is 4 months, such a happy babe!

Define motherhood in your own words.
The hardest yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had! Some days it’s sunshine and smiles, other days it’s crying in the shower haha

What advice can you give our mom readers?
Take time for YOU. I know, I know I hear it 24/7 “ I don’t have time to do my hair, a shower, a workout.” My advice is get ready first, make that time for you because we cannot be strong Mama’s without being strong WOMEN first!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received on motherhood?
To get dressed before baby! I used to get the girls ready first then found I would throw myself together. It’s so much easier to throw a movie on or let them color/ read while I get ready, then get them together and leave the house!

What are your biggest fears or insecurities as a mother?
I wouldn’t say I have many fears but of course losing my babes. Insecurities are endless, I always fear too much discipline will push my babes away, I’m always scared to be the “mean parent.”

What surprised you about being a new or seasoned mom?
I guess just the amount that I really learn or “re-learn” from my girls. I figured I’d always be the one to lead, guide, and teach them, yet they teach and re-teach me lessons daily!

What inspired, or life moment happened that made you want to share your story and your life with other mothers?
Postpartum depression is no joke. I feel that mental health is the most important topic we need to focus on! Finding my mental health slipping made me speak out on my own experiences and when my rawness touched others I continued to remain vulnerable!

What is the biggest/loudest message you want other mothers to take away from your story/message?
We are HUMAN! So many Mothers and non-mommies are SO quick to judge other moms/moms in general! We need to praise ourselves for how far we’ve come instead of focusing on “flaws.” Our flaws are what makes us fierce! There are so many women battling with body positivity because of “unrealistic” beauty standards! I am always reminding others to embrace our natural!!!

July 16, 2020 — Amy Astrowsky

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