Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection? One weekend in May I took part in an all-day fitness festival in Miami, and out of the 700 attendees one woman really stood out. She was older, in the most fun and bright outfit and was killing it in all the classes she was taking! Mind you, it was outside in Miami in the heat and humidity and this woman was jumping and lunging and all with a smile on her face. Her energy was infectious, all the coaches were going up to her and high fiving her. I never got an opportunity to talk with her that day, but she made an impression on me. The following day, I took part in another fitness festival in Fort Lauderdale, and I saw the same woman! She came right over to me, and we started talking and it was like we had known each other for years.

This woman is Gail Gensler. She is a Pro-aging Lifestyle Model, a mother and the nicest, warmest woman I have meet in ages. We immediately connected on both being from New York, loving fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle as the foundation of living a long and happy life. 

We also talked about how our bodies change and it's important to have clothing that fits your ever-changing form, that supports you and makes you feel strong and confident. How some of the more famous brands don't fit our new bodies whether you are post-partum or in menopause. She then went on to take all the classes, another hot day in Florida but she rocked out again. 

Her mission, in her words:  Is to change the narrative around aging through fitness and a healthy dose of fashion. My goal is to inspire younger women to not "fear the years" and know that we can be fabulous at every decade.

To that I say 100%!! I am honored to have met and now call Gail a friend and even more proud to have her as part of my MOMSQUAD. She is rocking our Lilac Ultra Set, and the Black Soul Set with the Elevate Windbreaker.

Please read more about her: Pro-aging Lifestyle Model | Gailgensler.com

She is a role model to woman in every stage of their lives.


June 15, 2024 — Amy Astrowsky

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