Okay, ladies. We’ve all heard about the LBD (Little Black Dress) but have you heard of the LBKD (Little Black Knotted Dress)? The Little Black Knotted Dress is the more casual and comfortable version of the LBD, and you can get it right here on Mom Squad Clothing. 

The Mom Squad Knotted Dress is not only incredibly cute, it’s super versatile! It’s the one item in your closet that you can wear a million different times in a million different ways and still get compliments each time you put it on. Whether you’re having a cozy night in with the family or are headed out for a date night while the kids have a babysitter, the knotted dress is the latest clothing staple you need in your closet ASAP!

Need some styling advice? We’ve got you covered! 

For a Day of Running Errands

Sporty chic is in right now and the knotted dress can help you achieve this look! First things first, you’ll need your dress. Once you’ve got that covered, it’s time to build on it. Pair this dress with a cute running shoe and a sleek windbreaker to bring up the activewear vibe. To add an even sportier element to this look, try tying your hair up in a high ponytail and leave a couple of loose strands around the sides of your forehead. 

For a Beach Day

The Mom Squad Knotted Dress is so easy to wear and lightweight that it makes for the perfect beach day dress! It’s the perfect coverup option to go on top of your cute swimsuit. Accessorize with bright-colored earrings, matching wedges, and a stylish wicker sun hat and you’re ready to go!

For a Brunch with the Girls

Who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch with the girls? It’s the perfect time to catch up with your friends, eat some delicious food, and, of course, show off a cute outfit! Of course, you’ll want to grab your knotted dress, but this time you’re going to dress for a meal al fresco. Pair the dress with a light-wash jean jacket, colorful sandals, and a simple pendant necklace. Then for your hair, opt for a playful half-up-half-down do! 

For Date Night

Ah, yes! It’s Saturday night and your babysitter has just arrived. You know what that means...DATE NIGHT! For this special occasion, you’ll want to dress up your knotted dress, which calls for dusting off those sexy heels you’ve got tucked away in the corner of your closet. Add a chic leather jacket, a statement necklace, and tiny, gold hoop earrings to tie this look together. Let your hair down and apply a bold lipstick shade and get ready to show your partner that mama’s still got it! 

For a Cozy Night In

Sit back, relax, and slip into your uber-cozy knotted dress. It’s the perfect dress to slip into for many things, but especially for having a lazy day at home. Take off your heavy jewelry and contacts, tie your hair up in a loose bun, put on your coziest socks, and get comfortable with an oversized cardigan or flannel. It’s time to grab your favorite book and nestle into a cozy corner of your loveseat and prepare to feel completely relaxed. It’s what every mom needs and deserves at the end of a busy week, so kick your feet up and indulge in some rejuvenating self-care in your cute and comfortable knotted dress!

September 17, 2020 — Amy Astrowsky

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