Who is in your SQUAD?

Who is in your SQUAD? The answer to this question for me has changed over time……for one thing, back in my twenties pre children – my SQUAD was pretty big and expansive. I was a young professional in the fashion industry in New York, working very hard and playing harder. While I had my core friends, my chosen family, I had a large network of people and a very active social life. Cut to now, many years later, a few of those same core friends are still with me, and more apart of my life than ever. We are all mothers now and our history together and love for one another has bonded us more tightly together. They are the OG, my original SQUAD. 

Through the years, marriage and divorce, child bearing and growing older and wiser my SQUAD has changed as I have changed. My need for numerous social outings a week has all but disappeared, I now crave the intimacy that friendship built over time can give, so these days (or at least pre COVID-19) I prioritized the women/mothers who lifted me up, made me laugh and feel supported and saw me, truly saw me. I have always known people from various cities and backgrounds and ethnicities, and truly didn’t give much thought to what race my friends were. I have Jewish, Thai, Sicilian, Lithuanian, Armenian, Mexican, White, and African American friends. 

So who now is in my SQUAD? Great women, some mothers some not, and I love them all. Who is NOT a part of my SQUAD, an integral part of my SQUAD…….people who do not hold the same values as I do. For most of us during this time, I am looking at every aspect of my life, quarantine has been great for self reflection and self assessment. I now know I need to get more involved in my life, be proactive and add to my SQUAD more amazing women – especially more women of color. I want to show my child that all colors in the rainbow are beautiful, needed and matter. I want her to see that her mommies friends, her “aunties” come from every background so she too will have the joy of rich friendships. 

MOMSQUAD, thank you for listening and being open to hear about my journey, I have made a commitment to myself and to you as well, to make new friends and meet new woman of color. To learn about their hopes and dreams and the hopes and dreams they have for their children. We truly are all in this together, I know its up to me to show my child that the world is only going to be a beautiful place, when BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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