Post Election Partum

We all Need a "Calgon Take me away" moment. Now more than everm we need to adopt self-care ritutals.

Lingering feelings of being overwhelmed and anxiety can make it hard to rest, focus and get through the day. With everything going on in our country this week, we wanted to show our MOMSQUAD some support and love.

We have put together some of our favorite go-to tips to help heal mind, body, and soul during these times of anger and anxiety.

Our favorite go to when it comes to anxiety is our Golden Milk Recipe. Studies show that turmeric helps with inflammation, depression and anxiety. Before this weekend starts treat yourself to a warm hug from your Golden Milk.

Get Grounded

A great way we have found to silence the mental chatter and lower your stress levels, is through grounding energy practices. One of our favorite practices is “Earthing.” When you connect with our all-time favorite mother.....Mother Nature, you can lower cortisol levels by having skin to skin contact with the earth.

So go outside, and get back to nature.


Just breathe, we recommend using the 6,7,8 breathing technique to help release and relax when anxiety shows its ugly head. Inhale for count of 6, hold for a count of 7 and then release for a count of 8.

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