National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month, and it's been a fun walk down memory lane remembering those late night feedings and the sense of accomplishment that came after being able to feed to my daughter. I am 10 years out from those days, and while I did finally get the hang of was not an easy journey for me.

When my daughter was born the nurses brought in a second scale to the delivery room to weigh her twice, because the Dr and nurses couldn't believe how small she was. My beautiful daughter was less than 6 lbs, and all head, she was so small - especially her mouth; that breastfeeding was not easy for either one of us. I tried and tried, I attended classes at the hospital and while the other new moms seemed at ease and confident......I was unsure and convinced I couldn't do it. We supplemented with formula, feeding our daughter with a syringe because her mouth was too small for a bottle. 

Those first few days at the hospital I felt like a failure, why couldn't I get the hang of it, all the other moms seemed to have this breastfeeding thing down. We continued to try and would alternate between breast and the syringe or formula. When I left the hospital, I had no confidence in my breastfeeding abilities and called my doula for help. She was a lactation specialist and a doula, and she came to my house every day for the first 2 weeks we were home from the hospital. She spent hours with me, helping me find positions to breast feed in that were comfortable and actually worked. With her help, me and my daughter got in the breastfeeding groove, she was gaining weight and at the end of the 2 weeks I had enough confidence to scale back our appointments.

I wasn't really on social media back then, and no one was really talking about breastfeeding other than " Breast is Best" at my Drs and at the hospital, so I felt very alone in my breastfeeding journey. I was happy to have finally been able to do it, but wished I had other moms to talk to about this so I didn't feel so isolated. None of my friends or family had ever confided that they had difficulties breastfeeding, so I thought I was the only there was something wrong with me because I needed help.

Now as online communities are really that, communities where moms can connect and discuss it all I love seeing posts that are full of "real talk" and comments full of words of encouragement. I have also meet so many amazing moms to be, that have talked about struggling to find their perfect breastfeeding sports bra. I recommend to ALL pregnant and new moms our Energy Seamless Bra, I designed it with you in mind. When I was breastfeeding I needed 24/7 support, and I was not always up for a highly constructed and rigid bra. So when I started Momsquad I knew I wanted to design a bra that was supportive, easy enough to wear all day and unrestrictive enough to be able to pull to the side to breastfeed when needed......and most importantly (to me) that mamas could wear while sleeping if they needed support while resting.

One thing I love about this community is the ability to meet and talk with all of you amazing mamas, and I have been asked many many times to create a sports bra that is supportive, makes breastfeeding easy and looks great. The newest addition is : The Lux Bra that is coming out this September that is a sports bra but has an adjustable strap that makes finding the right amount of support and breastfeeding easy...our beautiful model Kia took this bra to the gym and it passed the test of being comfortable and super supportive!

We know that everyones breastfeeding journey is different, we are here to celebrate all of you and support you. 



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