Momsquad turns 1!

Happy Mother's Day momsquad. From my family to yours I wish you a day filled with happiness and joy and gratitude. This year, I have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate. I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter, it is a privilege to be her mom. I was asked today what I love about being a mom, I answered with: everything! The good....the bad.....the ugly.......I love the messiness, the laughter, the tears, the joy, all the gross things that come with being a mom. 

I am also celebrating today, because one year ago I launched MOMSQUAD CLOTHING, during a pandemic, and a global shutdown. I cant believe a year has gone by so fast. This year has not gone according to plan, well thats an understatement to say the least........this year has done anything but turn out how I had envisioned. But as so many of us have learned this year, I have learned that I can pivot, adapt, and when I want to give up.....that is exactly when I need to give even more. I am blown away by the support of the MSC community, by the support of so many strong amazing women who I admire - who tell me to keep going, and that they love what I am doing. I have gotten messages from moms, telling me that my leggings are the favorite thing they own and that my bra is so good, they almost never take it off. On those days that I am challenged, tired, questioning it all, those messages give me exactly what I need to keep going.

When I look back on all this past year has given me, all of the obstacles I have had to overcome, the support of all of you has helped me push through it all. I am now at a place where I have requests for leggings in more colors, or to make a legging into a short. Comments from one mom, who has said of I ever choose to discontinue my Inspire Legging to let her know because she will buy 10 pairs of them, because they are her favorite legging. I am overjoyed that what I am doing is connecting with you, I am thrilled to be a part of your momsquad.

Thank you all for making this past year amazing, for helping me learn how to be a better designer and business owner, for not deleting all the emails I send.....for following along on social media and jumping into the conversations with me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day.



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