Introducing Mom's Like Us

Wanna watch two crafty mamas talk about their life hacks, nutritious snacks, and how #blessed their lives are?? Then do NOT tune in to us because we honestly have no idea how to navigate any of those things.

But if you’re into hashing out real life in the full spectrum of motherhood – good, messy and downright ridiculous, we are your gals. We’re about camaraderie and inclusion and providing a place for all mothers to feel welcome. 

Tune into our new show, Moms Like Us, sponsored by Mom Squad. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly you’ll remember that you’re not alone. 

Andrea Rappaport and Rachel Sobel will be “spilling the tea” (are we too old to use this phrase?) on all things mommy/relationships/work and surviving e-learning related.

We’re a little cheeky, a little direct, and 100% authentic. 

Come and hang with Moms Like Us.

If you want to watch an entertaining sh*t show, follow along. 

Tell us a little bit about yourselves…....

Rachel: I’m Rachel Sobel — the heart and mind behind — is a South Florida native living the NEW normal: Marriage, Baby, Divorce, Remarriage, another baby.

In addition to writing her own blog, she's a contributor for PopSugar, MommyNearest and has work in ScaryMommy, Romper, The Huffington Post and Today Show Parents. She’s a speaker and a published author with essays in two anthologies about motherhood and pregnancy. Her work is also included in a New York Times Best Seller series by author Jen Mann for her new release (coming this August), called I Just Want To Hang Out With You.

Rachel hosts a live show on Facebook and Instagram every Monday night at 8:30 PM From her closet because THAT’S THE ONLY PLACE SHE CAN HIDE FROM HER CHILDREN!!! She's been on numerous local news segments, including WPTV, NBC 6 in the Mix and national spots on NPR,  The Doctors and the Tamron Hall Show.

After working many years in public relations and communications, she stopped with the “what ifs” and hatched a plan to leave the confines of a cubicle and live her dream as a full-time writer. (In her dream she was thinner, richer and had much more clothing without spatterings of spit-up and breast milk, but beggars can’t be choosers.)

Andrea: Andrea Rappaport might be small in stature, but she’s NBA player tall in personality. She’s a comedian, actor, social media personality, beauty guru, writer, and mom of two, small, (chicken nugget eating),lovable monsters. 

Known for her candor and tag line, “nailing imperfection”, Andrea speaks openly about her roller coaster ride with anxiety, her super fun divorce- and finding love after years of living in an abusive relationship, the importance of comedy in her life, and her deep love for Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Home Goods. She’s open and honest. There’s no filters used on her images (and her attorney is pleading for her to use a filter with what she says). No luck so far on that one...

Andrea is a monthly contributor for Uploader magazine, and a sometimes contributor to PTO meetings (usually not). 

She also co-owns and operates a hair and makeup services company in Chicago, IL.

Andrea appears on local Chicago talks shows as a lifestyle expert and comedian and has appeared nationally on The Tamron Hall Show. 

What are the other titles you give yourself besides mom?

Rachel: Does snack bitch count? I am first and foremost mom. Also a do-over wife, writer, author and overall truth teller.

Andrea: Comedian, performer, writer, small business owner. 

How many children do you each have? Tell us a little bit about them. 

Rachel: 2 girls. Ava is 11 but really more like 30. She’s a typical middle schooler who things I know nothing and doesn’t even understand how cool I am. Sienna is 3 ½ and is clearly in charge with all of us. She has perfected the art of not taking no for an answer and I’m exhausted.

Andrea: Julian is 5 ½  and Oliver is 3 ½. Forgot the ½’s and they’ll cut you.

Julian is currently laying on the floor, while he should be Zooming with his kindergarten class. His masterpiece from art yesterday, “Poupe Stoupide School” speaks volumes about his feelings on e-learning.

Meanwhile, Oliver is still naked (it’s 11:22am) and has requested Alexa to play “on the floor” by Jennifer Lopez 9 times 

Define motherhood in your own words.

Rachel: The most beautiful and chaotic mess of all time.

Andrea: The highs are really high and the lows are really low. Buckle up.

What was the inspiration or moment that inspired you both to start “Moms Like Us”?

Rachel: We met on Instagram, which sounds so weird to say in the era of shows like Catfish. We clicked immediately and started collaborating where we could and were also in touch behind the scenes sharing aspects of our lives with one another. Andrea is me several years ago as I too had to once navigate a divorce and coparenting. So we definitely bonded over the tough stuff of motherhood and life. Both of us loathe the canned, filtered pictures so many women use to portray themselves on social media and wanted to show REAL motherhood like we do on our individual accounts, but together!

Andrea:  What Rachel said. Also, we want to use our comedic abilities to help ease into conversations about tough topics that really need to be discussed honestly and openly 

What advice can you give our mom readers?

Rachel: You don’t have to do all the things and nobody is an expert on your kids except for you. Motherhood is subjective and you’re allowed to do it your way.

Andrea: Online shopping late at night is always a good idea.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received on motherhood?

Rachel: Don’t stress about the little things like pacifiers and potty training. It all works out and your kid won’t be walking across the stage to accept a diploma rocking a diaper and a binky.

Andrea:  None of the little sh&t matters. But the little shits DO matter.

Since COVID hit, are there any particular stress management techniques or coping mechanisms you have adopted to deal with the new pressures of social distancing and virtual learning?

Rachel: No, but when you find something that works, let me know. It’s a lot for everyone - parents and kids. But they are so much more resilient than we are. This is all temporary and every day is another chance to do better. I rage ride my Peloton every day just to get some energy / stress out and I also find that rage sighing is weirdly cathartic. 

Andrea: I dance like a teeny bopper to MadFit’s dance workouts on YouTube. Makes me so happy. E-learning sucks. I do lots of dance parties. Alexa’s never played so many 90’s hits...

What is the biggest/loudest message you want other mothers to take away from your story/message?

Rachel: There is no one way to do motherhood. There is no such thing as perfection. Who cares if they eat a cupcake for breakfast? It doesn’t make you a bad mother to admit that motherhood sucks sometimes, it makes you an honest one. If your kids feel loved and safe and you are constantly tired and worried it means you are doing it right.

Andrea: Find ONE THING to laugh at EVERYDAY. You have to laugh. We all need that release. Talk. Don’t keep sh&t to yourself, that doesn’t help anyone. Cry. Don’t keep that sh&t in. And avoid all mom and tot classes, they’re horrible. 

Tune in to the first episode of Mom’s like US, on September 9th!

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