Celebrating Mothers Day and our 2 year anniversary!

So much to celebrate today. This is my tenth year celebrating the joy of being a mother, and today the company I started turns 2. I know I should be talking about what the next year holds for my business and try to hype up my momsquad moms with all the new and awesome things that will be coming to Momsquad Clothing.......but I want to talk about being a mom.

Becoming a mom has changed it all, has changed me, there are a handful of things that are same about me and my former single/no kids life. Even my feet are different, I used to be a size 7, and I am now a 6 1/2. It has all gone by so fast, my not so little one is now 10, and almost as tall as I am, and she can now wear my shoes. Time feels like it's getting faster and faster, but as each day/week/month go by I feel more like myself.....this version of myself, the mom version of me. I feel like I have found my stride. That my purpose in this life is clearer and clearer.....to raise this amazing, strong, funny, kind, smart person to be an amazing strong, funny, kind and smart woman. 

Being a mom, being her mom has taught me what love is, I thought I knew what love was and how to love.......I had no idea until I meet her. She has taught me, or reminded me, of how to be in the moment, how to be silly, how to dance like no ones watching, how to go for it........because, well she goes for it. She is fierce and confident and herself. She has brought that out in me. Before I had her, I thought I was going to teach her everything, but it turns out she has been my greatest teacher in life.

Today, I celebrate Mother's Day and what being a mom means to me. I celebrate Momsquad Clothing turning 2 years old. And I celebrate you, my amazing momsquad who has been with me this whole time, supporting me and my business. 

I hope you have a beautiful day, filled with joy and love.



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