Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, mommas to be, step moms......and anyone who has people in their life that they take care of and love. Welcome to the Momsquad Clothing community. In all of my dreams, ambitions and fears about starting this company, I never thought I would be introducing it during a pandemic. But here we are May 10, 2020 Mother’s Day, and it’s definitely not like any other Mother’s Day I have experienced before. 

For those mommas to be and new mommas celebrating their first Mother’s Day, the first year is so exciting, and so hard and full of every emotion you can put into words and so many you cant. Each Mothers Day, for me, has been different....some spent with just close family, some with family and friends, but each one has my daughter full of excitement as she can’t wait to show me what she made for me. This year, however, all the pomp and circumstance will be replaced with....well......I honestly don’t know. Uncertainty has now become very familiar. I don’t know about you, but I am a planner. I schedule my days and weeks and months and I thrive on routine and certainty of a few things. The certainty that my child is getting a great education at her school, the certainty that I go and work at my office every day, the certainty that I can hit up the gym when I can, the certainty that I can easily get whatever I need for my house....whether its food, toilet paper, anything and everything I need. 

Well now, uncertainty has become the new normal, and it’s an adjustment to say the least. But on today, Mothers Day, I want to throw all the uncertainty out the window and just enjoy being a mom......something I was so determined to become. 

I had planned to do my very first blog post about me and how MOMSQUAD was born, but it doesn’t feel right given the state of the world. I want to simply say to all the moms out there in whatever stage of motherhood you are in: Have a wonderful day celebrating, and to the moms, grandmas and step moms out there who are separated from their families this year due to social distancing.........I want to invite you to celebrate with us here at Momsquad and become part of our extended family. 

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