Five Black, Women-Owned Businesses We Love - Food Edition

Supporting Black Women-owned businesses has never been easier nor tastier than it is today! While the recent current events have had us down, it’s great to focus on the fact that through these times, Black Women-owned food businesses have been thrust into the spotlight. Everything ranging from essential ingredients to delicious desserts, Black Women from all over the United States have you covered. Here’s our list of 5 amazing Black Women-owned food brands you can get anywhere in the U.S.


Callaloo Box

The Callaloo Box is the only spice subscription box you’ll ever need! Founded by two Black twin sisters, Malika and Jamila from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Callaloo boxes are stocked with seasonings, condiments, spices, pepper sauces, and more! Each month’s box is themed, with this August’s box being The Caribbean Hot & Spicy Box! If you would rather test out some of the products before subscribing to the monthly box, you can always purchase the items separately. Another great perk? The Callaloo Box website is loaded with tasty recipes for you to try all of your new spices out on! 


Iya Foods

Committed to health, sustainability, and great flavor, Iya Foods is the Black Women-owned brand that provides you with healthy alternatives to your everyday ingredients. Toyin Kolawole founded Iya Foods back in 2015 with the mission to bring African foods and spices to her local community. 

Iya Foods is not only packed with exceptional flavor, but orders help support local farmers and businesses in both Africa and the United States. Some of the most popular Iya Food products are their Plantain Flour, Cassava Waffles & Pancake Mix, Cauliflower Whole Food Powder, and Hibiscus Flower Powder. All of their products are great, and the best part is that you can now order them online or shop for them in Walmarts all over the U.S.!


J.I.V.E. Juice

If you believe that Juice Is Very Essential, then you NEED to try out J.I.V.E. Juice! Created by Tamala Austin, a health coach in Houston, Texas, J.I.V.E. is the first Black-owned juice to be picked up and sold by Whole Foods.

J.I.V.E. has a product list that includes juices, smoothies, shots, workout drinks, and even water options. Each of these beverages is made with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, so you know they’re just healthy and nutritious as they are tasty!


Hungry Bunny

Gluten-Free donuts are hard to come by if you’re not in a big, metropolitan city like Los Angeles or New York, but thanks to Hungry Bunny that’s no longer the case! Hungry Bunny is a virtual donut shop created and run by Khloe Hines of Kansas. As a result of being laid off for Covid-19 related reasons, Hines set out to continue her passion for baking and bring fresh, delectable donuts to people across the country. Her gluten-free, classic, and wildly decorated donuts are so great, they even caught the eye of Beyonce herself!

Me & the Bees Lemonade

Me & the Bees is a 10-year company with lemonade products sold in World Market, Whole Foods, and Krogers nationwide. Believe it or not, Me & the Bees was founded by now 15-year-old, then five-year-old Mikaila. This sweet little girl is the definition of tiny, but mighty! Her passion for saving the bees led her to create a unique lemonade that uses honey instead of sugar, where a portion of the proceeds gets donated to local and international organizations that continue to fight to save honeybees. The lemonade comes in multiple flavors including mint, ginger, iced tea, prickly pear, and of course, the classic lemonade. 


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