Celebrating the Summer Solstice!

It's hard to believe the year is half over, and we are at the official start of the summer! Growing up on the East Coast and then spending 22 years in NYC, there were certain dates that held major significance, that I looked forward to so much......one being today, June 21. It meant the days went on forever, it was sundress season and Manhattan started to empty out a bit as most of the locals left the city on weekends. 

Today, as a parent living in the suburbs, I still love this day. I love that the days are long, and after I finish working my daughter and I still have enough daylight to go for a walk or to the pool. I love that we are in the swing of camp......that the mornings are a little less hectic and my daughter runs out of bed to get to her day camp.......the other day she asked if she could stop going to school and just do camp from now on. I love that we are a slower pace, no homework, and after the past 2 years we feel healthy and are spending as much time being out and about doing all the fun activities we love.

One thing I am doing today, is reflecting on the past 6 months, and setting some goals for the next 6 months......not work goals but goals for myself personally and for my family. We are going to create a vision board, putting together ideas and goals of what we want to accomplish for the rest of the year. Using this time to slow down and take in all that we have done, and seeing what we want to tweak.... what new adventures we want to work towards. 

I hope your summer is beautiful, filled with joy and love and you take this day to celebrate all of it.



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